I have to admit, when I was compiling images for this post I started to tear up. 


It's kissing away boo-boos and wiping messy cheeks. Spinning littles around and around and up in the air to hear them giggle and shout 'again!'. It's straightening the superman cape, and pouring an extra glass of milk. Changing diapers, supporting their newborn necks and countless loads of tiny laundry. It's holding them in the hospital bed rejoicing in the miracle of their life, and praying before their surgery that the Lord would give you strength. It's taking adventures, reading stories and answering endless 'why?' questions.  It's straightening the veil and threading the needle to hem the gown, pinning the boutonniere and taking photos of the first dance through joyful tears. It's saying no and it's letting go. It's restless nights and so many moments of hoping you got it right. It's so much more. Beyond words, really. 
It's always and forever, up to the moon and back, all-consuming, hard-as-hell, deepest of the deep and miraculous.