I have to admit, when I was compiling images for this post I started to tear up. 


It's kissing away boo-boos and wiping messy cheeks. Spinning littles around and around and up in the air to hear them giggle and shout 'again!'. It's straightening the superman cape, and pouring an extra glass of milk. Changing diapers, supporting their newborn necks and countless loads of tiny laundry. It's holding them in the hospital bed rejoicing in the miracle of their life, and praying before their surgery that the Lord would give you strength. It's taking adventures, reading stories and answering endless 'why?' questions.  It's straightening the veil and threading the needle to hem the gown, pinning the boutonniere and taking photos of the first dance through joyful tears. It's saying no and it's letting go. It's restless nights and so many moments of hoping you got it right. It's so much more. Beyond words, really. 
It's always and forever, up to the moon and back, all-consuming, hard-as-hell, deepest of the deep and miraculous.


One of the most profound things about children is the simplicity of their presence and how they remind us of the wonder of our existence. There is no greater excitement than when the drool-covered lips of a baby turn upward and they spark their first smile. The simplest of human expressions, one we see hundreds of times a day without remark, and yet when an infant does it for the first time we rejoice and remember it’s power and the gift of relationship and connection.  And really on it goes with each milestone that these little ones reach. The movements and motions that often go without thought are celebrated when first done by a child. What if in those moments we allow these little ones to teach us to see the simplicity and beauty of what it means to be alive; to be a member of the human family, uniquely individual and yet undeniably dependent on one another. Putting one foot in front of the other is actually quite remarkable, no?


Welcome to the new Kristin Moore Photo! Over the past few months I have been in the process of re-branding and updating my website with the incredible Saturday Studio and I am so excited to introduce this fresh new look with you! I'm currently working on lots of new posts and updates and there will be a few fun giveaways coming up to celebrate this new chapter in the life of KMP so check back in soon!