K R I S T I N  M O O R E


Hello, and welcome. I am honored that you have found your way here, and for your interest in me and my work. I am a thirty-something native New Yorker, but now live in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  I am married to my husband of almost 13 years, and together we have four happy children who have infused my life with the deepest sense of joy, even if the house is always a mess. Terrence Malik, Sufjan Stevens, and Wendell Berry are some of my greatest inspirations. One of my favorite things to do in a new place is search for the best coffee and when I'm not working, my preferred Saturday morning activity is to linger at the local farmer's market with my family. I believe that hope is an anchor, and that above all, love never fails.

I am a photographer because I am profoundly moved by the beauty of life and the gift of relationship. I love how a father looks at his daughter—when she is a newborn fragile in his arms, or decades later when he walks her down the aisle. How a couple newly-engaged glows with the excitement of being in love. Or the wonder and whimsy of children as they learn to navigate this world around them, barefoot in the grass, blankets never too far from reach, half-naked and jumping outside in muddy puddles in the rain. You can read more about 'my why' for being a photographer here.

I am passionate about making images that tell the story of who you are—your life, love, and relationships, in an artful and honest way. I can't wait to get to know you.